It’s not all doom and gloom though.There are areas where jobs are being created which are in the health and social work sectors, 1 million since 2000. The Education, Communication and Information sectors are apparently where the most secure jobs are with less likelihood of automation, not surprising as people will always want to talk to people, so if you’re just entering the jobs market or even in your mid- thirties looking to secure some sort of future then these areas would seem the logical choice.

Then there’s sport – a real bastion of human activity and if you’re good enough very lucrative. No-one’s going to want to watch a man/woman vs machine are they- well apart from chess which, let’s face it, is not a sport. We may want to watch machine vs machine which is already popular with programmes like Robot Wars, but it’s man/woman vs man/woman we really want to see due to the all too human desire to be the best and win!

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